de Prazer Consulting offers services tailored to individuals Needs, Objectives and Aspirations.
Decision making skills
Performance Analysis
Mental Skills development
Performance Profiling Motivational Consistency
Personal management
Stress resilience
Media & Public image Skills
Hypnosis Training
Confidence building
Wellbeing – weight loss, depression etc;
Mental Health
Self -Esteem
Creativity Emotional intelligence
Team Building Workshops
And More……..

Vicki de Prazer is one of Australia’s leading Performance Psychologists, has vast experience in moving individuals through challenges and opportunities to achieve their, personal and performance objectives. With a background in Clinical, Forensic and Performance psychology.

Vicki and her Team will innovatively show you to how to excel.

dePrazer Consulting
offers evidence based psychological services to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, creating performance excellence in your endeavours and your life.

The Walk and Talk approach is unique in that your psychologist actually goes for a one hour walk during the consultation process.
Confidentiality is assured and office session compliment this process.