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Group Individuals Programmes

Programme Structure

The W&T’s copyrighted programmes, incorporate evidenced based strategies derived from sound psychological theories.

CBT – Cognitive behavioural Therapy / understanding what you think and how you behave –
defining what you want to achieve
IPT – Interpersonal / relationship exploration
Emotional Intelligence –assessment and development
Relaxation / Mental and Physical relaxation techniques
Breathing Training / improving mental and physical wellbeing
Posture assessment / learning about the physical and mental information in your body
Movement therapy
Increasing your creativity – improving your problem solving ability
Using your senses etc;
Confidence development
Restoring your passion and vigour for life
And more

6 session programmes offered over 12 weeks, (can be modified to suit).
10 session programmes conducted over 10 weeks.

All W&T Psychologists – are Registered with their state Registration Boards – confirming their qualifications and expertise. .W&T recruits competent, experienced psychologists and conducts ongoing training.