Complete Nideffer’s TAIS

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Information Processing and Decision Making

Concentration is about paying attention to the right INFORMATION
The selection of information – that is, actively looking for information
The noticing of information - being aware of information that you receive more passively, provide the options for your attentional focus.

The Nideffer’s Model of Attention - divides attention between the categories of Internal / External – Broad / Narrow and the sub categories of Broad –Internal, Broad – External, Narrow- Internal, Narrow - External .
This model provides an excellence tool for looking at information processing in Racing.

Decision Making is much easier and likely to be enhanced when you have appropriate information. How you select, attend to and synthesis information, etc; will contribute your performance

Each of these many factors has the possibility to make a positive or negative impact on the quality of decision making and accessing your X factor.

Take advantage of the TAIS Assessment, Report, and Improvement package available on-line from dpc.

The X factor - have you got it?