Personal Coaching
Weight Loss

Walk and Talk

W&T gives you the unique opportunity to walk and talk with your psychologist. You will see how appropriate breathing, movement and good posture will enhance your mental and physical health – your overall wellbeing.

Your Health is your most valuable asset. Obesity and Depression are debilitating. Don’t ignore the early warning sings of being a little overweight or persistent feelings of anxiety.

W&T offers you the opportunity to learn how to manage your health and wellbeing – we provide more than exercise, more than nutritional advice and lifestyle change, more than a life coach, or a personal trainer.

You will have the opportunity to restore power and passion in your life.
Walk and Talk Psychologist's will help you explore your habits, your confidence, your motivation, your thoughts and feelings – you will learn how to change.

Our Structured Programmes – will be adapted to suit you and we are very happy to work with your GP, integrating your medical status in our assessment and programmes.

Instead of sitting and talking about how to lose weight, get fit, manage stress or depression you can start to achieve this objective from your very first session with Walk and Talk Australia. Enjoy the benefits of a comfortable walk and the opportunity to plan for change with your psychologist.