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Weight Loss


Weight Loss

W&T gives you the unique opportunity to walk and talk with your psychologist. You now have the option of office sessions or outdoor sessions. You will see how appropriate breathing, movement and good posture will enhance your mental and physical health – your overall wellbeing and help you loose weight.

Did you know?
Nearly half of Australian’s who visit their GP are overweight, one Australian dies every ten minutes from cardiovascular disease, one in 4 males over 40 will develop some form of heart disease. Australia is one of the most obese Nations in the world.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy, in fact for some it is a constant and ongoing battle. W&T will make it a lot easier.

You will learn to understand:-
The factors that contribute to your eating patterns and problems
Your attitude, behaviour and feelings and how to manage these effectively
You will have access to nutritional assessment and advise
You will learn about food and exercise
How to build self esteem and confidence
And how you can take charge of the factors that influence your weight